Insurance Plans We Accept

We aim for professionalism, excellence and compassion in health care. We also want our patients to be as well-informed as possible. If you have any questions about any of the information on this website, please never hesitate to contact us or the doctor directly.

As a courtesy, we do file insurance claims if prior arrangements have been made with our office manager. You will be responsible for your copayment or a percentage based on your own insurance. However, you must realize that your insurance company is primarily responsible to you, the patient, and not to the doctor. Therefore, if payment is not received within 30-45 days after being submitted, you will be held accountable for the full amount. You are your family are invited to discuss the fees for any proposed test, procedure or care in advance. We will help you in obtaining information regarding your insurance coverages and in setting up a payment schedule for any balance owed to this office. PLEASE NOTIFY US OF ANY CHANGE OF INSURANCE POLICY IMMEDIATELY SO THAT THERE WILL BE NO DELAY IN FIING CLAIMS OR DENIALS BY INSURANCE.

Insurance plans accepted by our office include: